Reginald Fitzwilliams

Masterful Magician of the Archipelago


All gnomes are a bit idiosyncratic, and Reginald “Reggie” Fitzwilliams is no exception. Occasionally rude, occasionally charming, and usually bizarre, what most folks remember about Reggie is that he was “interesting.”

Reginald’s appearance is somewhat of an enigma. At times, his robes seem to glow subtly from within, the (purely ornamental) runes and sigils dance and sparkle, and his confident showman’s grin could sway even the most skeptical of observers. At other times, the robes seem dull and ordinary, and his expression exudes boredom and disinterest. These tonal shifts are subtle and only those who have traveled with him for some time will even notice a difference.

Regardless of the general “mood” that Reggie exudes, he wears a moderately extravagant set of robes, decorated with all manner of obscure markings and strange symbols. He has a wide-brimmed pointed hat typical of wizards in popular stories with the word “Wizard” embroidered on it in a wavy script. After any sort of serious trouble (see biography below), he will often be found wearing identical robes of a completely different color. The colors used to alternate between red and blue, but have recently switched to a violet/yellow combination. When not wearing his hat, Reggie is crowned with a mop of orange hair that stands nearly straight up in the air like a candle’s flame.


Reggie travels the archipelago and entertains the common folk with an ordinary yet technically proficient magic show. He has earned a living this way for quite some time.

Questions into Reggie’s early life are met with a deft avoidance of the topic and are handwaved away as “uninteresting.” Determined probing is a certain path to a cold shoulder from Reggie altogether, and more than a few times has caused Reggie to simply pack his bags and venture forth to a different region. It has become known recently (to Reggie as well as those who call him friend) that he is actually the descendant from the royal bloodline of the Rillian Empire.

Reggie wields an impressively adept grip on all things arcana. As magic in general has become largely shunned, and those that still embrace it openly are ruthlessly overseen by the Knights Arcanum, Reggie goes to great pains to hide a majority of actual arcana usage in his stage performances. He is particularly adept at manufacturing illusions. Despite his obvious talent, Reggie also has a performer’s ego that has gotten him into trouble more than a few times. Driven to make his shows as impressive as possible, his continued entertainment success will snowball as he lessens his reservations about hiding his arcana talent. Inevitably, he will draw the attention of the Knights Arcanum or the Church of the Holy Purity. On an off chance that neither group shows an interest, Reggie will push his skills past their limits and ultimately be his own undoing. There are more than a few islands in the archipelago where folks still remember a diminutive performer who stirred up trouble. Regardless of the reasons for his unplanned departure, Reggie has become extraordinarily adept at disappearing and starting life anew in a new place.

Reginald Fitzwilliams

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