Council of Seven

Liches are known for being selfish, power-hungry creatures, so when two work together it’s cause for surprise, to say nothing of more.

So when not two but seven liches starting working together to a common goal, the world took notice.

The Council of Seven is in fact a pragmatic alliance of convenience — all seven liches stand to gain by expanding their combined sphere of influence for the inevitable future day that the Council split and the territories of the Hegemony they currently rule are split up between them.

The Council pays little heed to governing their current territory, relying instead upon their castellans to rule in their name; again, this is a pragmatic decision, as no two liches would be able to agree on the day-to-day running of a nation, let alone seven. Instead, the Council’s attention is focused upon identifying targets and coordinating each lich’s forces to conquer new territories.

As the fall of Stormhold in 1084, the Council rules the whole of the continent of Hershim.

Council of Seven

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