Great Worldfall

Contemporary writings allege that the event known as the Great Worldfall was the work of mages trying to destroy the world, however modern scholars mostly reject that theory; rather, they generally subscribe to one of two theories: The first is that the Great Worldfall was simply a random chance, an otherwise normal random worldfall that simply happened to be larger than any before or since; the second is that it was a direct, albeit delayed, result of The Unmaking, possibly the fabric of the multiverse trying to heal itself by pulling in material from elsewhere.

Regardless of its cause, the event itself was dramatic. Simultaneously all over the world, large pieces of land were suddenly replaced by barren, dead wasteland. Some sailors reported an entire continent suddenly appearing out of nowhere in the middle of the ocean.

A few scattered reports from people who had been in the location of a worldfall brought descriptions of a vast, barren wasteland, hot and dry, as far as the eye could see. They report a dark red sky that, despite there being no visible sun, was nonetheless very bright; stranger still, the lighting of the world seemed quite normal, completely devoid of the red hue one might expect from such a bright red sky. A few ships’ crews reported similar experiences, adding that the seas they had been sailing had started to boil almost instantly; an impressive fact, given the sheer volume of water that must have been transported.

Perhaps the most interesting facet of the Great Worldfall is the fact that not a single report exists of any living creature being seen, neither brought into our world nor spotted by those who were taken to the other world.

Whatever the cause, whatever the nature of that unknown other plane, the Great Worldfall lasted mere hours before the foreign land returned from whence it came, leaving our world just as it was. Remarkably, no confirmed reports exist of anyone being lost to the other world, nor of any living thing of that alien place being seen.

Great Worldfall

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