Prior to The Unmaking, mortal scholars had only speculated that dreams might have a physical presence in another realm somewhere outside the known cosmology. It wasn’t until that catastrophe, however, that the veil between the mortal world and the Plane of Dreams, known to its inhabitants as Dal Quor, weakened enough to reveal each other’s presence to the inhabitants of both planes.

Kalashtar, which in Quori means “wandering dreams,” first came to the mortal world shortly after The Shattering. They came as a renegade group from Dal Quor that sought to escape religious and philosophical persecution. Agents of Dal Quor known as the Dreaming Dark hunted them until finally the group’s leader, Taratai, found an audacious way to escape Dal Quor. She convinced Adaran monks to accept a permanent fusion of their own souls with those of the renegade quori. From that synthesis came kalashtar, and as a result, kalashtar today look similar to the monks who served as the first willing vessels.

The temple-keep Adar, where the kalashtar first arrived, lies in the mountains of Suderia. Most kalashtar remain there, however some have been known to wander the world.

Power of the Mind: The Kalashtar


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