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The Shattered World

A Brief Description of the World

The face of the mortal world has been seriously altered by the Three Great Cataclysms. Where once a traveler could walk from one place to almost any other without getting his feet wet, the world is now dominated by great oceans, and only 3 continents today remain.

In the east is the continent of Suderia, and in the west lies Hershim. Lying south of the vast ocean between these two continents is the third, Proconnesus, more commonly known as Incog, an exceptionally xenophobic region shrouded in deep mystery.

Situated between these three continents is a large group of islands known simply as The Archipelago. Serving as the world’s largest trade hub, this otherwise inconspicuous region in the middle of the ocean is populated by an impressive range of peoples, and is where our story begins.

A Brief History of the World

0: The Unmaking
0 – 671: The War of the Magi
c5: Dawn of the Rillian Imperium
671: The Shattering
671 – c720: The Purge
676: Church of the Holy Purity founded
688: The Great Worldfall
c690: First appearance of the Cho’lek
c695 – 823: Rise of the Cho’lek Kingdom
716: The Circle Arcanum is founded
719: The Circle Arcanum establishes the Knights Arcanum
823: The Cho’lek vanish
823 – 857: The Sundering War
c825: Cult of Kros is founded
860 – 863: The Shadow Incursion
1084: The campaign begins

The Pantheon of the Shattered World

Good, Lawful Good and Unaligned deities

  • Arlen – Unaligned God of Travel, Secrets, and Psionics.
  • Elyzhia – Unaligned goddess of Pleasure, Lust, and Passion.
  • Erathis – Unaligned Goddess of Civilization, Inventions and Law.
  • Kord – Unaligned God of Storms, Battle and Strength.
  • Melora – Unaligned Goddess of Wilderness, Nature and the Sea
  • Moradin – Lawful Good God of Family, Community and Creation (as in smithing). Patron of Dwarves
  • Pelor – Good God of Sun, Agriculture and Time. Seasonal God of Summer.
  • Raven Queen – Unaligned Goddess of Death, Fate and Doom. Seasonal Goddess of Winter.

Evil and Chaotic Evil deities

  • Bane – Evil God of War and Conquest. Revered by Goblins.
  • Tharizdun – The Chained God, also known as the Elder Elemental Eye, creator of the Abyss.
  • Vecna – Evil God of the Undead and Necromancy. Lord of Secrets.
  • Zehir – Evil God of Darkness and Poison. Favoured Deity of the Yuan-Ti and Patron of Assassins.

Deities destroyed by Kros

  • Asmodeus – Evil God of Tyranny and Domination. Lord of Devils
  • Avandra – Good Goddess of Change, Luck and Travel, Patron of Halflings.
  • Bahamut – Lawful Good God of Justice, Protection and Nobility. Patron of Dragonborn.
  • Corellon – Unaligned God of Beauty, Art, Magic and the Fey. Seasonal God of the Spring and Patron of Eladrin.
  • Fharlanghn – Unaligned God of Horizons, Distance, Travel, and Roads.
  • Gruumsh – Chaotic Evil God of Slaughter and Destruction. Patron of Orcs
  • Ioun – Unaligned Goddess of Knowledge, Skill and Prophecy.
  • Lolth – Chaotic Evil Goddess of Shadow and Lies. Patron of Drow and their inseparable companions, the spiders.
  • Nerull – Evil God of Death, Darkness, Murder and the Underworld.
  • Sehanine – Unaligned Goddess of Illusion, Love and the Moon. Seasonal God of Autumn and Patron of Elves.
  • Tiamat – Evil Goddess of Greed and Envy. Patron of the Chromatic Dragons.
  • Torog – Evil God of the Underdark. Patron of Jailors and Torturers
  • Vecna

Races of the Shattered World

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of player races available in the world, but rather races whose backgrounds have been tweaked to better fit within the world.

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