Raven Queen

Her real name long forgotten, the Raven Queen was once the mortal consort of the former God of Death, Nerull. Intelligent, ambitious, and deceitful, she plotted to overthrow her lover and seize his domains.

She never had the chance, however.

Nerull was one of the first gods Kros attacked directly, and it was almost the last. Kros was woefully unprepared for the battle, but the Raven Queen, watching the battle from hiding, subtly intervened, giving Kros just the edge it needed to deliver the killing blow. Grievously wounded, Kros retreated quickly from the field after claiming the released essence of Nerull and his divine portfolio, never noticing that another also claimed a portion of Nerull’s essence. The Raven Queen, from her hiding place, snatched dominion over Death itself — although not the Dead — from right under the Unmaker’s nose.

The Raven Queen would then leverage her cunning and new power as an asset in the war against Kros, although in payment she demanded the portfolio of Winter. She was also present at one of the first full-scale assaults on Kros, an ambush that had used Lolth as bait. Although the forces arrayed against Kros were not enough to stop the Shadow Wight from killing Lolth, they did force it to retreat before it could absorb all of Lolth’s essence; the Raven Queen seized upon the opportunity to absorb Lolth’s remaining essence herself, gaining dominion over Fate and Doom.

Since Kros’ destruction, however, the remaining gods have gotten wise to her efforts to increase her power, and despite several attempts they have stopped her from gaining anything more; only a fear of reintroducing chaos to their realm keeps them from outright destroying her, a safety net the Raven Queen manipulates to her fullest advantage, ensuring that none of her schemes can ever backfire on her.

Raven Queen

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