The largest city in The Archipelago, Sukhumi is the major trade hub for the world, being ideally centrally located between the three continents and therefore seeing trade from and destined for all of them. It is also the only city in the world where the Incogs are likely to be seen, being the only trade port their ships visit.

Located on the southern-most island, Sukhumi has a large bay on its southern side, ideal for the grand trade ships that call upon the port. On the northern side of the city is another port, this one located within the protective reef that surrounds the Archipelago, servicing trade to and from the other islands in the region. Sukhumi was once two cities — the northern and southern ports — that eventually grew and merged into one, taking its new name from the legendary Lord Sukhumi, purported to be the greatest merchant of magical artifacts the Rillian Imperium ever saw; this now-ancient division is still evident in some of the architecture, including the walls that once fortified the cities’ borders.

Many of the Archipelago’s other city-states look to Sukhumi as the region’s de facto leader, and indeed the city’s government often takes it upon itself to police the literally lawless areas beyond the borders of any city-state. Indeed, Sukhumi’s leader has for centuries used the assuming title “High King”/“High Queen”.


The current leader of Sukhumi is High Queen Crona Epigron III. She is advised by a council of elected district leaders, who among other things must approve of the people she appoints to the various positions beneath her; as politics in Sukhumi is currently very divisive, with three political parties with roughly equal influence and a rapidly rising fourth party, this approval is very difficult to obtain.

Currently the Commissioner of the Constabulatory is Commissioner Frank Gordon.


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