The Archipelago

Before The Shattering, the region now known as The Archipelago was the home continent of the Rillian Imperium. Being the epicenter of The Shattering all but wiped the continent entirely from the face of the world; where once it sat is now a collection of islands dotting the ocean, surrounded by a protective reef that was once the continent’s shelf.

The waters within the region benefit from this natural weather break and are relatively calm compared to the open ocean beyond. However, the shelf is shallow enough that the larger ships cannot enter, and so trade within the Archipelago is done by smaller ships.

While being a well-defined region, the Archipelago lacks an overarching government body, instead being home to several city-states. By tradition, most city-states govern the island they occupy and the waters immediately surrounding them; a few also lay claim to very nearby islands. This nonetheless leaves many islands without any sort of governing authority; while many of them are home to one or more private homesteads, several remain habitable but unoccupied.

Points of Interest:

The Archipelago

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